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Just Another Girl

Follow the story of Lek, from childhood innocence through her life of joy, hopes, and love; cruelly shattered by abuse, violence, drugs and sex.The many characters and places influencing Lek’s destiny and beliefs are described in flowing descriptive words, to help you become entranced by the novel.
When your tears are spent, give some thought to the exploitation and abuse of children and women throughout the world. Don’t just think. DO something.

‘I couldn’t put the book down.’

‘I eagerly anticipated every chapter, I really wanted to know what it would reveal.’

‘An immediately impressive and engaging novel.’

‘The characterisations and interactions are finely balanced by the rich descriptions.’

‘Wow! What a unique and moving insight into the reality of the life of one of the many ‘up country’ girls.

Cleverly written in the ‘first person’, you will not find it easy to forget Lek.’

For English speaking people

ISBN in Thailand: 974-90249-5-8

Author: Lung David
Pages: 224


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