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Love, Sex and Trust

A rose can seduce you with beauty and fragrance and puncture your heart with thorns. The art of romance is dangerous. We want you to find the love and life of your dreams with a safer kind of danger. We want you to have the adventure of your life empowered with the keys to intimacy and satisfying relationships, without getting burned.

“Love, $ex and Trust” is based on years of living and working in Thailand. These are the real life experiences, true stories told by the men who came to Thailand looking for love and the Thai women who loved them. We taught English and German and translated many of their letters. We collected the ideas and interviews from our own experience, our language students and the friends we made.

We wrote this book so that you would know “the rules of love” so you won’t get broken by breaking them unknowingly. We want you to navigate your way with a deep understanding of the rich inner of life and experiences of the men and women we interviewed.

We found the style of romance in Thailand is sensual and exotic, but the essential elements are common to every culture around the world.

- The Authors

Zielgruppe: Für Englisch sprechende

Autoren: Kristian Schirbel / Morgen Lake
Seitenzahl: 186

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